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When it comes to talking tyres, it’s easy to get lost in the jargon – like sipe technology and advanced silica compound. Why’s this stuff important to consider when buying tyres? Obviously it’s your tyres that connect your vehicle to the road, but did you know it’s your tyres that also control steering, speed and adhesion, ensuring your safety?


So, what are sipes and advanced silica compound, and what do they do that’s important?


Sipe Technology

Sipes are a critical feature on tyres, especially during the wet winter months; they’re those tiny slits in the tyre tread. As the tread meets the road, the sipes expand to expel air and push water away to give you better traction in the wet.


So, what makes Cooper Tires® sipes better? Two things; they’re thinner, so they cut deeper into the tread - meaning grip will last the life of the tyre, not just the first 20 to 30 thousand kilometres. Secondly, Cooper Tires® developed sipes that interlock which prevent the tread blocks from twisting, keeping their shape and thus better overall performance. 



advanced silica compound

Silica was first used as a filler, but tyre engineers soon discovered that silica enhanced tyre grip. Cooper Tires® use silica compounds that are generations ahead of other leading brands, and while silica is essential, it’s how we mix the ingredients that make our tyres better.


Think of tyres like a cake – not all cake recipes are the same, and the quality of cake mixtures differ dramatically. You can make a cake with lumpy chocolate bits or make a smooth chocolate cake - getting the method right is an art. Cooper Tires® have perfected the art and developed a specific formula that gives our tyres extra grip, lowered rolling resistance and maximised longevity.



These are only two of the benefits of fitting Cooper® tyres to your vehicle, and how your tyres play an important role in how your vehicle handles, keeping you safe on your travels. Choosing the right tyre is important, which is why we’re committed to delivering improved performance where and when you need it most, giving you peace of mind on the road.


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